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Swaper review 2020

Check out our Swaper review, and see if the platform is for you.

Review of Swaper


We find the return compared to the safety favorable.

Beginner Friendly

The Swaper marketplace is very beginner-friendly.

Investor Protection

Swaper has made safety measures.


Investors get an average return of 14-16%.

We Like

  • Possible to invest very short-term
  • Stable interest rates
  • iOS and Android app
  • Profitable platform
  • Loyalty bonus if you invest over €5,000

We Don’t Like

  • Only short-term loans
  • Only loans from Wandoo Finance Group

Summary: Swaper is a European P2P loan marketplace that enables you to invest in pre-funded short-term consumer loans from Poland, Denmark, and Spain. All loans on the marketplace start from 14% annual interest. However, if you invest over €5,000, you will get an additional +2% on your investments. Regarding safety, Swaper has a buyback guarantee on loans and is also profitable.

You will get a +2% bonus on your investments the first 3 months

Last updated: March 27, 2020

Swaper review

There are numerous Swaper reviews available on the internet. Still, we decided to research the platform and share our opinion about it. The result of our efforts ended up in this review.

So if you are currently considering investing through Swaper, we encourage you to read the review carefully. We explain in-depth about both the benefits of Swaper, but also the drawbacks. In addition, we also share which alternatives are worth considering.

If you just want to find information about a specific topic in our Swaper review, please use the navigation below. You can of course also choose to read the entire review. However, while you read, please be aware that the review only expresses our own opinion and investigations. You should therefore not consider anything in this Swaper review as financial advice.

Learn about the following in our Swaper review:

What is Swaper?

Swaper is a European P2P loan marketplace that enables you to invest in pre-funded short-term consumer loans from Poland, Denmark and Spain. The loans you can invest in on the platform origins from Wandoo Finance Group.

The platform was launched in October 2016 in Latvia. Since then, a very large amount of loans have been issued on the platform. 

Swaper review

The platform has continued to grow and today there are around 3,900 active investors on Swaper.

If you want to try out the platform, it doesn’t require much capital. With just €10, you can join the other investors and start investing on the platform.

However, please note that Swaper offers 16% return, instead of the normal 14% for investors investing over €5,000 on their platform. This is due to their 2% loyalty bonus.

What rate of return can you expect?

At Swaper, your return depends on how much you choose to invest.

If you invest under €5,000 on the platform, your return will be around 14% annually.

On the other hand, if you choose to invest for €5,000 or more, you get a loyalty bonus of 2%. This means that your return will be about 16% annually.

If your portfolio is under €5,000, the return is a bit higher than what you can get on Robocash, which is one of Swaper’s most similar competitors. However based on return, Swaper has the clear advantage for all portfolios above €5,000.

Who can invest via Swaper?

To be able to invest with Swaper, it is a requirement that you are a resident of a European Economic Area (EAA) country. In addition, your bank must also be from an EAA country. You will be considered a resident if you are a citizen, have a residence permit or pay taxes in one of these countries.

In addition, you are also required to be at least 18 years old.

If you meet the requirements above, it is possible for you to invest through the platform.

At the time of writing, there are investors on Swaper from the countries marked in red on the map below:

Swaper investor residency

Would you like to invest through Swaper? Then press the button below. It will lead you directly to the Swaper website. From here you can learn more about the platform, and also create yourself an account. That way, also you can enjoy the high return loans with buyback guarantees on their platform:

How safe is Swaper?

Security is a very important thing when investing your money through online platforms. In this Swaper review, we have therefore taken a look at what the company offers of security to its users.

No external loan originators

Swaper only offers loans that come from Wandoo Finance Group. They do this to ensure that they have full insight into the loans that are on the platform. At the same time, it is easier for the company to manage the risks.

Swaper has no plans to offer loans from other loan originators – something that other platforms like PeerBerry, Mintos and FAST INVEST do.

Buyback guarantee

Although Swaper has good control of risk management, there is always a risk of loan defaults with short-term loans. To meet this risk, Swaper has a buyback guarantee on their loan. So, in the event that the borrowers are over 30 days late, Swaper repurchases the loan from the investor. Swaper compensates for both the invested principal and the accrued interest.

You must always keep in mind that a buyback guarantee is only as secure as the one offering it. So let’s take a closer look at how robust Swaper is.

How solid is the company

After being unprofitable for the first years of the platform’s operations, Swaper managed for the first time to be profitable in 2019. The same goes for Wandoo Finance Group, according to the CEO.

At present, neither Wandoo Finance Group’s nor Swaper’s annual reports are publicly available. Therefore, we have not been able to double-check the above. However, the company plans to make them publicly available in the future.

What happens if Swaper folds?

In case Swaper has to throw the towel in the ring, a procedure has been made for this. Here, a bankruptcy administrator will get all the information about which transactions have taken place on the platform. From here, they will manage the loan repayment process of outstanding loans.

Generally speaking, it is very much in line with the security measures that are offered on other platforms to secure your investments in the event of bankruptcy.

Set up a Swaper auto-invest strategy

A great thing about Swaper is their easy-to-use auto-invest portfolio maker. By using this function, you can easily make an auto-invest strategy, which gives you the opportunity to invest in loans, without having to spend time cherry picking loans on an ongoing basis.

To set up an auto-invest portfolio at Swaper, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to their website
  2. Make sure you have signed in
  3. Click “Overview”
  4. Click “Create Portfolio”

Then you should end up with a screen like this:

Swaper AutoInvest

When setting up your auto-invest portfolio, you can make different settings so that you only get investments that fit your wishes. It could, for example, be how big your auto-invest portfolio should be and how long the loan term should be for the loans.

One relevant point you should consider carefully is max investment in one loan. If you set it low, you may not be able to get all your money invested. If you set it too high, you may risk getting too low loan diversification. You might want to try to set it low for a start and then see if you can get all your money invested. If you can’t, try setting it up or consider investing through multiple P2P lending websites.

If you are unsure what the settings in the auto-invest portfolio maker means, you can click on the question mark for explanation.

Do you want to know more about Swaper auto-invest? Then check out their website.

Conclusion of our Swaper review

Swaper is a well-designed and easy-to-use platform that makes investing really simple. The platform became profitable in 2019 and we, therefore, consider it safer than the many unprofitable platforms that you can also find on the market.

What sets Swaper apart from many other platforms is that returns do not vary. You get a fixed return on the platform.

If you choose to use the platform, we recommend that you consider investing over €5,000. If you do, you will get +2% on your return due to the Swaper loyalty bonus. However, this is not something you need to do, as you can easily try to invest on the platform with as little as €10.