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PeerBerry review 2020

Go through our PeerBerry review, and see if the platform is for you.

Review of PeerBerry


We find the return compared to the safety good.

Beginner Friendly

The PeerBerry P2P platform is very beginner friendly.

Investor Protection

PeerBerry has made some good safety measures.


Investors get an average return of 13.01%.

We Like

  • No investment fees
  • High investment returns
  • Good quantity of loans available
  • Possible to use auto-invest
  • Buyback guarantee on loans

We Don’t Like

  • No secondary market

Summary: We like the PeerBerry platform A LOT. They have reputable loan originators and a pretty solid company behind them. The platform works like a charm. However, there is still a drawback in the form of a missing secondary market. But as a newer P2P lending platform, we are quite impressed with what they have to offer.

PeerBerry is free of charge for its investors

Last updated: March 27, 2020

PeerBerry review

PeerBerry is a quite new P2P lending platform with an increasing amount of investors. But how safe is it really to use PeerBerry? We decided to look into the platform.

Therefore, if you are considering using the platform, we recommend that you read this PeerBerry review. You will quickly find out what we like about the platform, but also what we do not like. Maybe we will even tell you a trick or two in the process.

To quickly learn more about a particular topic, please use the navigation below. You can, of course, also choose to read our entire review. But be aware that the content of this review is 100% based on our own opinion. Nothing in our PeerBerry review should therefore be considered as investment advice. How you invest is up to yourself and your investment adviser. With that said, let’s look into PeerBerry.

Learn about the following in our PeerBerry review:

What is PeerBerry?

PeerBerry is a Peer-to-Peer lending platform mainly focused on short-term consumer loans. However, you will also be able to find loans which are more business oriented.

Like a lot of other P2P platforms, PeerBerry is based in Riga, Latvia. They launched their platform on November 1st, 2017. Since then, they have grown their investor base to over 20,000 investors. But as they have a relatively new platform, they are still one of the smaller P2P lending sites for investors out there.

PeerBerry is a product of Aventus Group, a mature lending company operating in multiple European countries. Originally, Aventus Group used Mintos in order to attain liquidity for more loans. They did so for a few months back in 2016. However, the company quickly decided to create their own P2P lending platform.

Mutual benefits

At the time of writing, PeerBerry helps to provide liquidity to both the loan originators from Aventus Group, as well as Gofingo. However, they are planning to add more loan providers to the platform in the future.

The loans you can find on PeerBerry’s platform originates from countries like Denmark, Poland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and many more.

Of course, the credit intermediaries behind the loans have the advantage of not having so much money tied up in the loans themselves. This gives them more liquidity to issue new loans. You should not expect that you take over the loans directly, but that you get them at a lower rate than the loan originator. But in this way, both you and the loan companies can make more money. Basically, you take over loan liquidity from loan originators on a platform like PeerBerry.

High transparency 

On the platform, you will find detailed information about the loans from the loan originators themselves:

PeerBerry loan details

You can use the information provided to make your investment decisions. Alternatively, you can also use their auto-invest. This way, you can automate your investments completely.

What rate of return can you expect?

At PeerBerry, investors get an average return of 13.01%. As this is the average return, you will probably get a return close to this number.

The return you can get from PeerBerry is very similar to what other providers with similar loan types can offer. In many cases, the return on PeerBerry is actually higher. This means that you get a reasonably competitive return at the higher end on their platform.

Who can invest via PeerBerry?

At PeerBerry it is both possible for individuals and companies to invest. However, in order to invest on the platform, you must be able to meet some specific criteria.


  • Being at least 18 years old
  • Bank account in the European Union
  • Being located within the EU

Open an account

Opening an account with PeerBerry is really easy. In just 3-4 minutes, your account is set up and ready to go. From here you simply transfer money to your investment account. You can do that with TransferWise, or with more traditional methods. From here, you can set up an auto-invest strategy, or choose to invest manually in the loans you desire.

Step-by-step process:

  1. Create an account
  2. Add funds to your account
  3. Select loans and invest

As you can see, there are only a few requirements for investing at PeerBerry. Furthermore, it’s really simple to start investing. When your account is ready to go, and you have invested your funds, you can also track your investment portfolio and returns.

Do you meet the requirements for creating an account? Why not make one today, and try out the platform yourself? Simply click the button below, and sign up today. That way, you will get from reading this PeerBerry review to actually investing yourself:

Is PeerBerry safe to use?

When investing your money through an online platform, it’s important that you are protected. In this review, we have therefore looked at some of the safety features, the platform offers to its users.

Buyback guarantee

When dealing with loans, there is always a likelihood that the borrower cannot repay. It does not matter whether you borrow money yourself, or if you take over an existing loan, as you do on PeerBerry’s platform. To counter the problem of you now getting all the interest you sign up for, there is a buyback guarantee on the loans on PeerBerry.

A buyback guarantee is basically a guarantee that the original issuer of the loan will repurchase the loan from you if the borrower cannot repay the loan. The guarantee comes into effect in the case that a borrower is over 60 days late in his repayment.

On PeerBerry’s website, you can see which loans have the guarantee, and then invest accordingly. But if you want to invest passively, you can also set auto-invest to invest only in loans with a buyback guarantee.

How solid is PeerBerry?

PeerBerry is owned by Lithuanian based payday lender Aventus Group, which have been profitable since its first year of operations in 2009. Going forward to today, the group have seen growing numbers on their financial statements as well as the markets they operate within. All in all, it is a pretty solid company standing behind PeerBerry.

PeerBerry itself also seems like a very trustworthy platform. All things needed are properly disclosed on their platform. They don’t seem like a company that has anything to hide.

Set up a PeerBerry auto invest strategy

Although it is possible to invest manually, you can also choose to set up auto-invest. In this way, you can invest more in a passive way. It is also for this reason that we ourselves prefer to use auto-invest in our own investments.

To create an auto-invest strategy, tap “Auto-Invest” in the navigation bar over at their website. From here you are greeted by this screen:

PeerBerry review

Press “Create new Auto Invest Portfolio” to get started. You will then be greeted by this screen, where you can get started making your automatic investment portfolio:

PeerBerry review auto invest

For your auto-invest strategy, you need to choose a name and indicate how large the portfolio should be.

In addition, you can make other adjustments such as choosing how much of the remaining loan term should be left, and at what interest rate you want to invest. You can even sort in which loan originators and countries you want to invest in.

Do you only want to invest in a buyback guarantee loan? Do you want to reinvest automatically? All this, and more can be done with PeerBerry.

Conclusion of our PeerBerry review

To conclude this PeerBerry review, we want to state the fact that we like their platform A LOT. We believe that it is a platform which we will see thrive in the coming years. Having an excellent platform and a great team, we believe that PeerBerry will scoop up some of the bigger players market share. Especially as they continue to add new loan originators to their platform.

With reputable loan originators, a pretty solid company behind the platform, and a platform that works like a charm, we believe that investing on PeerBerry is a reasonably safe choice.

Have you decided to invest after reading this review? Then simply click the button below to get to their site. From here, you can sign up as an investor in just a few moments and start investing on the PeerBerry platform: