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Mintos review 2020

Check out our Mintos review, and see if the platform is for you.

Overview of Mintos


We find the return compared to the safety favorable.

Beginner Friendly

The Mintos marketplace is very beginner-friendly.

Investor Protection

Mintos has made a lot of safety measures.


Investors get an average return of 12.45%.

We Like

  • No investment fees
  • Good diversification opportunities
  • Huge quantity of loans available
  • Possible to use auto invest
  • Secondary market is available
  • Mintos mobile app
  • Easy tax reports

We Don’t Like

  • Fee for currency exchanges
  • 0.85% selling fee on secondary market

Summary: Mintos is one of the absolute best P2P platforms for both the beginner and the experienced investor. On the platform, you get some of the best opportunities to diversify your portfolio in the whole P2P lending industry – and with an average return of 12.38%, there are long between platforms in that league. We understand Mintos’ popularity among its investors.

It’s completely free to use their platform

Last updated: October 20, 2020

Introduction to our Mintos review

Over the past few years, there has been a lot of buzz around the European P2P lending platform Mintos. But is the platform really worth using? We decided to investigate just that. 

So if you are considering investing through the platform, we highly recommend that you read this Mintos review carefully. Because in the review, we will make our best assessment of how good the platform is, as well as including some tips and tricks.

We have even invested through the platform for an extended period of time, in order to make the best review possible.

This review ended up being quite long. But if you are in a hurry, you can simply use the navigation below to find answers to what you want to know more about. Of course, you can also choose to read the review from A-Z. 

As you read, please be aware that this Mintos review is solely based on our own Mintos experience, and should not be considered financial advice. Everything we have written is only an expression of our own opinion about the platform.

Learn about the following in our Mintos review:

What is Mintos?

Mintos is one of Europe’s largest P2P lending platforms. Since entering the crowdlending market at the beginning of 2015, they have now grown to be the largest platform of its kind. 

At the time of writing, they have over 238,000 registered investors from 63 countries. They have offices on several continents, from which more than 180 people are employed. 

However, they are constantly expanding their business and hiring more people to meet the demand for their products.

One of the reasons why Mintos have managed to get this many investors on its platform is probably due to the low minimum investment of €10.

This very compelling to investors as it makes it possible to try out the platform with very little money.

How Mintos works

Unlike some other P2P platforms, Mintos works by simply being a marketplace that connects loan originators and investors. This makes it a lot easier for them to scale, as they are not issuing the loans themselves.

Mintos independent review

The fact that Mintos’ platform is very scalable is good for you. This means that the platform will most likely not run out of lucrative investment opportunities in the near future.

A simplified example of how Mintos work:

Let’s say that you ran a lending company and you wanted to grow, but needed more available funds to do so – this is exactly the situation for loan originators on Mintos.

As the head of the lending company you then decided to let other people invest in the loans you issued. To do so, you contacted Mintos to get your loans on their marketplace.

After doing a thorough due diligence check and securing that your lending company was financially stable, had great management, and offered great loans, Mintos decided to accept your company as a loan originator.

Great. But what does it help if your loans are simply taken over by others?

The case is that the loans your lending company is issuing to investors are offered at a lower rate than the rate your lending company gets – so you get the difference.

When an investor then invests in your loan, your lending company will get more money to issue new loans and thereby grow your business further.

This is basically how the lending companies benefit from using Mintos.

Now Mintos is also taking some sort of cut for doing business with the lending companies.

With that out of the equation, the loans are now available for investment on Mintos’ website.

Best platform for diversification

The fact that Mintos uses a wide range of loan originators instead of issuing the loans themselves means that they now have a platform with many different types of loans, in many geographical locations, issued in different currencies, from many different loan providers.

Mintos offers loans in the following areas:

  • Car loans
  • Mortgage loans
  • Forward flow
  • Personal loans
  • Short-term loans
  • Invoice finance
  • Business loans
  • Agricultural loans

This means that on the platform you get a unique opportunity to diversify your portfolio as broadly as you want within the loan space.

So if you are looking for a great platform to diversify your investments, and thereby lowering your overall portfolio risk, Mintos is indeed a splendid choice.

In fact, we think they are the best platform when it comes to diversification.

Award-winning platform

Within FinTech things are moving fast, but Mintos is definitely not idling. They are constantly making improvements for investors while adding new lending companies and features to the platform.

It is probably also one of the reasons why Mintos is an award-winning platform. Among other things, they have won the Altfi People’s Choice Award in both 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Mintos review: Peoples choice award 2016
Mintos review: Peoples choice award 2017
Mintos review: Peoples choice award 2018
Mintos review: Peoples choice award 2019

In less than 3 years after their launch, Mintos managed to become a profitable P2P lending marketplace. Part of their great success can probably be imposed on their ability to solve some of the scaling problems other crowdlending platforms often enter.

Excellent Trustpilot ratings

Hundreds of thousands of investors have used the platform. And over 1,000 of those have rated Mintos on Trustpilot.

The result speaks for itself as Mintos managed to achieve the excellent rating: 

Mintos Trustpilot rating

With such a great Trustpilot rating, to back up its platform, Mintos is definitely a platform worth taking a further look at:

Main features

Now that it is established that Mintos is an excellent platform with very satisfied customers (according to the People’s Choice award and Trustpilot), let’s take a look at some of the more technical sides of the platform.

In the following part of our Mintos review, we will explain some of the main features on the platform, and why they are important for you as an investor.

1. Mintos buyback guarantee

One of the great things about Mintos is the buyback guarantee. Essentially, the buyback guarantee is a guarantee issued by the loan originators to the investors.

Through the guarantee, the lending companies on Mintos promise to buy back a particular loan – if the borrower is more than 60 days late with payments. Here you will be paid both the nominal value of the outstanding principal as well as the accrued interest.

However, not all P2P loans on Mintos are protected by a buyback guarantee.

On the individual loan, you will be able to see if it is protected by a buyback guarantee by looking for a shield. Loans marked with a shield on the loan list are protected.

If you go to the Mintos website, you will be able to check out how this looks.

Please be aware that the different lending companies on Mintos can have different terms. For example, it is not certain that all the lending companies are paying interest on delayed payments.

By visiting the primary or secondary marketplace on, you will get a better idea of how the buyback guarantee works for individual loans. You can visit the website here.

2. Mintos secondary market

Mintos was one of the very first P2P platforms in Europe to introduce a secondary market to its investors.

This enabled investors who invest in Mintos loans to sell their investments ahead of time.

The feature quickly became very popular, and a lot of other crowdfunding platforms later implemented similar features.

However, to this day Mintos still have one of the best secondary markets in the industry

Some investors have been able to sell millions of Euro worth of loans in just a few days on the secondary market. So if you want to sell a smaller portfolio of loans then it should not take long.

The fact that you can sell so large quantities of loans in such a small amount of time is something that is fairly unseen on many other platforms – which is why we couldn’t make this Mintos review without mentioning it.

Mintos secondary market

It is really easy to buy and sell loans in the secondary market. If you would like to buy a loan there, you can find the secondary market as shown above on Mintos website. Here you can find exactly the loans you want to buy through various filters. 

Some investors try to find good deals in the secondary marketplace, but we do not recommend that you do it manually as it can be a very time-consuming process.

In Mintos secondary market, it is possible to invest via auto-invest in the same way as you can in their primary market. In our opinion, it makes much more sense, since you do not have to spend hours manually selecting the loans.

If you want to sell your loans, then the secondary market is a great tool. Here you can sell the loans you own in a very short time. You can either choose to sell individual loans or sell all your loans at once. 

You should be aware that there is a 0.85% selling fee on the secondary market. The fee only applies if you are a seller and not if you are a buyer.

If you need cash quickly, you may want to consider selling your loans at a small discount. Then they will be picked up more quickly by investors looking for a bargain. 

At Mintos, it is possible to sell and buy loans with discounts, at par value, or with a premium on the secondary marketplace. Below you can see how the loans are typically distributed:

Secondary market statistics

As you can see, most loans on the secondary marketplace are sold at a discount. That’s because the investors who want to sell their investments often sell at a discount to get cash more quickly. However, you can use this to your advantage by buying up a lot of bargains.

3. Mintos app

In March 2019, the platform established a dedicated Mintos team containing 11 persons for developing an app for the investors. In December 2019, a beta version for iOS was released, and later, in January 2020, the Android version followed.

Mintos P2P app

With the release of a mobile application, Mintos aims to make it easier than ever to invest in loans from its marketplace. 

At this point in time, not all features you can find on the website are yet available on the mobile application. However, Mintos is currently working towards implementing more of the web features on the app. 

But at the time being, many investment features are not available for mobile. And even if you want to use the Mintos mobile app, you will still have to sign up via the website first.

4. Mintos loan originator ratings

Another feature we think should be mentioned in this Mintos review is the risk ratings on the platform. In 2018, Mintos became the first P2P lending platform in Europe to introduce loan originator credit ratings. 

So whether you deal with loans on the primary market, the secondary, or when you are making use of the auto-invest features on the platform, you will quickly notice a risk rating connected to the loan originator of the respective P2P loan. 

The risk rating ranges from A+ to D, where the rating A+ is for loan originators with the least risk, and D is for the riskiest loan originators.

Mintos loan originator ratings

Essentially, the Mintos rating is made to make it easier for the average investor to understand the risk associated with a Mintos loan originator of a specific loan on the marketplace. If a loan originator has a bad rating, there could be a higher chance that they will not be able to fulfill their obligations like buying back loans with the buyback guarantee. 

The rating is based on a specific assessment methodology conducted by Mintos. The methodology contains five main areas which are operating environment, company profile, management and strategy, risk appetite, and financial profile. This methodology is very similar to how credit rating agencies like Fitch rate investments.

The operating environment counts for 10% of the overall risk rating of a loan originator. In this part of the risk rating, Mintos take a look at the regulatory environment surrounding the lending company. Here, effective regulatory institutions and law enforcement are viewed positively.

Company profile counts for 15% of the overall risk rating of a loan originator. Here, factors such as market position, product offering, and organizational structure are assessed.

Management and strategy count for 15% of the overall risk rating of a loan originator. When considering the management and strategy, Mintos looks at the experience of the management in the company as well as their track record. Other factors like budgeting quality, timeliness, and transparency are also assessed. 

Risk appetite counts for 20% of the overall risk rating of a loan originator. Here, factors such as underwriting standards, market risk, and risk controls like usage of credit bureaus are assessed.

Financial profile counts for 40% of the overall risk rating of a loan originator. This is naturally one of the most important parts of the rating due to the fact that a company with a bad financial position can impose a lot of risk to the investors. When Mintos assess the financial profile of a company, they do so by looking at loan portfolio metrics such as the amount of non-performing loans. They also look at the overall profitability of the company as well as factors like leverage, funding, and liquidity.

According to the assessment methodology, roughly speaking, the loans with low risk should be safer than the loans with moderate risk, and so on.

So before you start investing in P2P loans with high risk on the platform, we highly recommend that you think about your own risk tolerance. You might benefit from looking at the image above before making various investments and auto-invest strategies on the platform.

5. Mintos tax reports

As the old saying goes, there are only two certainties in life; death and taxes. In the following part of this review, we will touch a bit on the latter in regard to Mintos.

One of the main concerns of investors wanting to do P2P lending is how difficult it really is to do taxes of the returns. When first starting out, we couldn’t find any resources on this and it was a bit messy to handle. 

But in early 2018, Mintos actually made it quite easy to do taxes as they released the tax reports feature. This made it possible to do taxes very quickly and we were able to do them in just under 20 minutes!

A thing that probably should be mentioned is that it is not certain that you will be able to do this as quickly as it can depend on the tax system of where you live. 

Currently, you will only get specific tax reports from Mintos if you are a tax resident in Estonia, Germany, or Latvia

Otherwise, you will get a general tax report template (like we did).

We can’t advise you on how much you will have to pay in taxes on the income you generate on Mintos – this is all depending on your country’s taxation rules. However, we can show you how easy a tax report can be created. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Access your account with your Mintos login
  2. Click your name at the top right corner
  3. Click “My Account”
  4. Select “Tax report”

From here, you can send a request for a tax report:

Mintos taxation

By clicking “Submit” you will be shown the following message:

Investor annual tax report via email

In our experience, it takes a few minutes before the Mintos tax report is actually sent to the email. In the tax report, you will get an overview of the following:

  • Interest income
  • Capital gain
  • Campaign bonuses and rewards

When you have received the email, it is your responsibility to actually do the taxes. Mintos doesn’t withhold any tax, which means that everything you earn on the platform must be declared.

6. Perks for investing over €50,000

A not very commonly known fact about Mintos is that if you invest over €50,000, you will be considered a pro-investor and obtain VIP status on the platform. 

This feature, for investors with a larger portfolio size, was introduced at the end of 2018. So if you invest over €50,000 on Mintos, you will get some perks that are not available to other investors. 

For example, a personal Investor Service Associate will be connected to your account. With that person, you can discuss questions about the platform and much more over phone or email. You will also be able to get priority customer support

The benefits of being a pro-investor include:

  • Early access to new features on Mintos
  • Get top priority at Mintos customer support
  • The option to request custom made investment rapports
  • Discuss things with your personal Investor Service Associate

To become a pro-investor, you will have to add €50,000 or more to your investment account after you sign up on the platform.

7. Mintos strategies (Mintos invest and access)

Mintos strategies are 3 new automated investment strategies launched in August 2020. These strategies are the next generation of what was formerly known as Mintos Invest & Access (learn more about I&A here).

The three Mintos investment strategies are:

  • Diversified (the old Mintos Invest & Access strategy)
  • Conservative
  • High-yield

In the following, you can see how the 3 Mintos investment strategies (on the left-hand side) compare to making a custom strategy on Mintos:

Mintos strategies

A huge advantage of using one of the three strategies instead of making a custom strategy is the fact that you won’t have to continuously add new loan originators to your auto-invest settings as they are connected to the marketplace. 

This makes the Mintos investment strategies an excellent choice if you want the most hands-off investment experience. 

The biggest drawback of using Mintos strategies, instead of a custom auto-investment strategy, is that you won’t be able to tailor the investment strategy as much. However, this has improved tremendously since Mintos Invest & Access, as you now have three different strategies to choose from instead of one.

With that said, going with a Mintos strategy is probably the best choice for new investors that are not certain that they want to have their money tied up on the platform yet. This is due to the very fast access to your money if you want to sell your investments.

Would you like to try out Mintos investment strategies? Then click the button below to visit Mintos and create an account. From here, you can easily go from reading this Mintos review to start using the strategies for your investment portfolio:

What rate of return can you expect?

The average net annual return for investors on the platform is currently around 12.45%. Since this is what investors receive on average, you can reasonably expect the same return rate.

But that’s just the average. If you have a higher risk appetite, it is also possible to choose loans with different local currencies with the possibility of higher returns.

Mintos vs traditional assets

Compared to other traditional asset classes like deposits, bonds, stocks, and real estate, Mintos is currently outperforming all of these:

Mintos vs traditional asset classes

Even though the return at Mintos is higher compared to other asset classes, the return you can get at Mintos is actually much in line with what you can find at similar competitors like PeerBerry and FAST INVEST.

Mintos compound interest calculator

If you want to see how much this account to over in the long term, you should try out the Mintos interest calculator:

Compound interest calculator

The Mintos profit calculator is not easily accessed and if you are on a phone, you won’t be able to use it. 

But if you are on a computer, you can access the investment calculator by clicking the button below and scrolling down a bit on the landingpage:

Who can invest via Mintos?

It is both possible for individuals and companies to invest with Mintos. This makes the platform an obvious choice whatever the structure of your economy is.


As an individual, there are a few, but clear rules for what it takes to enable you to invest through the platform:

  1. Minimum age of 18 years
  2. Bank with AML / CFT equivalent to the EU
  3. Successfully verified your identity by Mintos

If you live up to the above requirements as an individual, you can invest through the platform.


If you would like to invest as a company, this is also possible. To open a Mintos business account, it is also required that you have a bank account in the European Union and that your company is registered in the EU or third countries that have AML / CFT systems similar to those found in the EU.

From where can I invest?

Because there are very few requirements to be allowed to invest through the platform, it is possible for the vast majority of people to invest via Mintos

Below you can see a map of which countries the current investors are from. This will give you a good indication of whether or not it’s possible for you as well:

Registered investors

As you can see, Mintos is an almost world-wide platform with users spread all over the world. So most likely, also you can reap the benefits of using Mintos.

If the map is not marked with investors in your country, it does not necessarily mean that it is not possible for you to invest through the platform. 

If you are in doubt of whether or not it’s possible for investors from your country to invest, you can contact Mintos on their website – maybe you will even be the first investor from your country.

Would you like to sign up as a Mintos investor? Then click the button below to go from reading this Mintos review to actually investing on their platform: 

Depositing and withdrawing money

In the following, we will share how you can deposit and withdraw money to and from your account.


One of the first things you need to do when you start investing on Mintos is how you go about depositing money into your account. This can be done using a lot of different methods, which are dependent on what country you are from

Among others, you can add funds to your Mintos account with SEPA transfers, Trustly and Transferwise.

When you for the first time start the depositing process, you will be asked to verify your identity with a national identity card (EU only) or passport. When you have finished doing so, you will be able to select your desired method of depositing funds to Mintos.


Before you can withdraw any money from Mintos, you must make sure that none of the money you want to withdraw is currently invested. 

If you have some money you want to withdraw invested in P2P loans, you must first sell them on Mintos secondary marketplace. You should be able to sell any loans within a short amount of time due to the high number of active investors on the secondary market. When you no longer have your money invested on Mintos, you can easily withdraw it.

To begin withdrawing money from the peer-to-peer lending platform, you must head to your account and click “Deposit / Withdraw / FX” and then click “Withdraw”.

You can only transfer money to accounts that are connected to your Mintos account. All accounts which you have previously used to transfer money to Mintos are ready for you to withdraw to.

If you want to make a withdrawal to another account than the one you deposited your money with, it’s recommended that you transfer at least 1 EUR from the new account to your Mintos account. This will connect that account to your Mintos account.

Withdrawing money from Mintos usually takes 1-3 days. You won’t be charged any fees from Mintos by doing so. However, your bank or money service provider might charge a fee.

Is Mintos safe to use?

Whether Mintos is safe to use depends primarily on 4 things: How safe the platform is, how safe the investments are, how safe the Mintos loan originators are, and how safe the company is. 

In the following we will take a look at what measures have been taken to protect you as an investor:

How safe is the platform?

As the first security-related thing in this Mintos review, we have taken a good hard look at how secure your account really is.

Two-factor authentication

We have looked at is whether or not it’s possible for you to activate two-factor authentication on your account. Here we found that you can use the Google Authenticator app or other apps that are compatible with Google Authenticator.

Two-factor authentication can help to protect your account against unauthorised access to your account, phishing attacks, and many other cybercrimes. When you have activated two-factor authentication, people who could have your password must also have access to your phone in order to log in.

The two-factor authentication security of your account is not mandatory. This means that it’s up to you to decide how easy you, but also potential intruders, should be able to access your account. We highly recommend activating two-factor authentication on your account for maximum security. If you activate two-factor authentication on your account, we believe that your account is fairly safe.

To activate two-factor authentication on your Mintos account, you should just go to your accounts security settings. Here you can choose to enable two-factor authentication. The process is described clearly so it’s actually easily done.

How safe are the investments?

In this Mintos marketplace review, we also want to address what measures the company has made, in order to protect you as an investor, in regards to the alternative investments you can make on the platform.

Mintos loan originators

Loan originators carry a potential risk for investors if their company lacks in management, finance, etc. 

Therefore the Mintos risk management team always performs a complete risk assessment of any loan originator wanting to join their platform.

In their due diligence process of the loan originators, they perform a thorough analysis of the management quality, credit scoring, underwriting policies, financial statements, etc.

Even if the loan originator gets accepted by Mintos, the loan originator will continuously be evaluated.

The loan originator risk management isn’t, however, bulletproof, as a case with Eurocent proved in 2017. Here Eurocent actually ended up in bankruptcy. It is therefore important for us to address the importance of diversifying between several loan originators.

Skin in the game

Another thing that Mintos practice to protect its investors is to require every loan originator to have skin in the game. 

Usually, the lending companies on Mintos have to keep a 5-10% stake in the loans. However, some loan originators keep as much as 20% skin in the game.

Let’s take a look at an example where the loan originator has 10% skin in the game. Here, if a loan originator has a €1,000 loan that they want to issue to investors, they must keep a €100 stake in the loans themselves. This means that they can issue €900 of the loan to investors.

So in case of loans default, the loan originator also stands to lose money. In this way, it is ensured that there is no conflict of interest between the loan originators and investors. 

So generally, you would want to look for loan originators with as high skin in the game as possible.

Most lending companies on other competing platforms are required to keep a similar amount of skin in the game as on Mintos. 

However, on a platform like Iuvo Group, the skin in the game is generally a lot higher at around 30%. This indicates that Mintos loan originators use a bit more leverage and have less aligned incentives with investors than that one platform. 

But compared to the rest of the competition, Mintos is still one of the platforms where you will find the most amount of skin in the game for the lending companies.  

What happens if a loan originator goes bankrupt?

It is quite unlikely that all the loan originators will continue to do business without problems. Therefore, it is important that you diversify between them. But Mintos has in recent years added new loan originators at a fast pace. So there should be plenty to choose from.

Our advice: Diversify between a lot of loan originators.

A few years back, Mintos had some problems with a loan originator called Eurocent. The company first encountered problems after just 4 months on the Mintos platform. Since then, Eurocent actually ended up in bankruptcy.

But in spite of the bankruptcy over half of the invested principal has been recovered for the investors. You can learn more about Eurocent on the blog on Mintos’ website.

The case with Eurocent very well portrays the importance of investing in loans from more than just a provider. It also shows very well that even though there are buyback guarantees on the loans, the guarantee is only as good as the company behind.

But let’s say that you diversify equally between 40 loan originators. Then the maximum loss of one loan originator going bust is 2,5% of your overall portfolio. But in the case of Eurocent, over half of the invested principal was recovered. This means that if you had Eurocent loans amongst the 40 loan originators, your overall portfolio loss would have been around 1,25%.

What happens if Mintos goes out of business?

Mintos is transparent with its financial situation and is posting annual reports of the company behind the platform, AS Mintos Marketplace, on its website.

The company actually managed to become profitable after just a few years of operations in 2017 with a profit of the year of €195,749:

Mintos income statement

But in the years after 2017, got back to being an unprofitable platform. This is probably mainly due to growth ambitions by the company.

Nevertheless, as a part of assessing how safe Mintos is, we have also taken a look at what happens in the worst-case scenario of Mintos folding:

If Mintos goes out of business, investors on the platform will get full insight into which transactions have been made on the P2P lending marketplace. As a measure, transaction data is sent to the law firm FORT every month. Upon an unlikely bankruptcy from Mintos, this data will then be used to ensure that the loans are being managed properly by a liquidator or administrator.

What you can do to invest safely

Although Mintos has made many efforts to secure its investors, it is also important that you do something yourself. The following points are quite essential to avoid a single point of failure and to protect yourself as an investor:

  1. Invest in loans with buyback guarantee
  2. Diversify between loan originators
  3. Diversify between loan types
  4. Diversify between loans

In essence, it’s a great idea to invest in some of the many loans with a buyback guarantee. This means that if the borrower can’t repay the loan, the loan originator has to step in and buy back the loan themselves. 

Furthermore, you can secure yourself making fractional investments in several loans from different geographical locations, currencies, loan types, from many different loan originators.

As you can see, there is plenty to choose from:

Loans Outstanding by Loan Type
Loans Outstanding by Loan Originator

It might sound like a big mouthful to do all that, but the Mintos auto-invest function makes this really easy.

So, depending on how you use the platform, it’s relatively safe.

Bonus tip: We tried to switch from one currency to another on the platform. It costed a semi-expensive exchange fee. It can, therefore, be a good idea to transfer money to the investment platform in the currency that you intend to invest with.

Can I get a Mintos promo code?

At the moment we can’t seem to find a Mintos promo code. However, if you haven’t signed up on Mintos yet, you can check for any current sign-up bonus here.

Set up a Mintos auto invest strategy

One of the better things about Mintos is definitely its autoinvestment feature. Using that feature, you can create a Mintos auto invest strategy, which allows you to invest in loans without spending much time on actually handling your P2P investments on a daily basis.

Our advice: Set up a Mintos auto invest strategy to select loans instead of cherry-picking loans on either the primary or secondary market. Your time is probably better spent elsewhere instead of chasing chicken feed.

You can either use one of the predefined Mintos investment strategies or make a custom one for yourself. The default Mintos investment strategies include a short-term strategy, a diversified strategy, and a secured loan strategy. You can find more information about the strategies on their website.

Predefined Mintos investment strategies:

Predefined Mintos investment strategies

The easiest choice is clearly to go with one of the predefined strategies. We actually recommend that you start by selecting one of the strategies you think fits your investment criteria the best.

After selecting the strategy, you can decide which currency it should invest in, whether it should reinvest and how much it should invest. 

Furthermore, you can make adjustments to the strategy by clicking “View Auto Invest strategy criteria” to make it fit perfectly to your wants and needs. 

But since you initially choose the auto investment strategy that fits you the best, you probably don’t have to make a lot of changes.

How we decided to invest

You might wonder how we choose to invest, and what our return using the platform is. Therefore we are going to give you insight in regards to our investment at Mintos.

Firstly we decided to set up a custom Mintos auto invest strategy. But instead of building the investment strategy from scratch, we actually went with the predefined diversification strategy made by Mintos.

We did, however, make some tweaks to the strategy.

For example, we excluded all loans without a buyback guarantee, as well as raising the minimum interest rate a bit.

Mintos results

Our investment efforts for making this Mintos investing review resulted in the following numbers:

Mintos review return

As you can see from our account statement, we managed to get a weighted average interest rate of 12.23%, with a weighted average remaining term of 15 months and 29 days.

No cash drag on Mintos

Where it can actually be a bit difficult to achieve the same return as there is announced on the website on other platforms, we found no issue with this on Mintos.

This is due to the fact that Mintos is the biggest platform with most loans in Europe. Therefore, there haven’t been times where we had funds on our account that couldn’t be invested – also called cash drag.

The reason why this can be a problem on other platforms is if there aren’t enough loans, you can’t get your all funds invested, which means you will experience a lower overall return. 

As there is a very low chance of Mintos cash drag occurring, we believe that the interest rate you get from Mintos is well worth it. Especially in relation to the risk you take. Therefore, we also keep our auto invest strategy running for now.

Mintos alternatives

For different reasons, including to reduce the platform risk, investors could want to diversify more than one platform. 

For example, this could be a very good idea for larger investors, as it is probably the best way to protect your money in case things go south on one of them. 

Some of the most similar and best Mintos alternatives are:

You could also consider real estate crowdfunding instead of investing in P2P lending. To guide you on this, we have made an overview of some of the best real estate crowdfunding platforms

Conclusion of our Mintos review

To conclude our Mintos review, we want to address the fact that Mintos is one of the best platforms we have ever tested

So whether you are a complete beginner to P2P investing or a P2P lending expert, Mintos offers one of the very best P2P lending marketplaces in the world.

The many features such as Mintos strategies, auto-invest, buyback guarantee, etc. can seem a bit intimidating at first. But when you are getting comfortable with the platform, you will probably be glad for all the different features as it can make your investments tailored very specifically to your needs. 

The tax report feature is also a great addition to the platform, which will make doing taxes a lot easier than on some of the competing platforms.

We also believe that their platform is very secure. However, you must be aware of having to activate two-factor authentication yourself. In addition, the safety on the platform also depends on how you invest your money on it

But as long as you have your diversification in order and also only investing in buyback guarantee loans from quality loan originators, you will probably have a good and lucrative investment experience with Mintos.

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