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Debitum Network review 2020

Read our Debitum Network review, and decide if the platform is for you.

Overview of Debitum Network


We find the return compared to the safety favorable.

Beginner Friendly

The Debitum Network platform is beginner friendly.

Investor Protection

Debitum Network has made a lot of safety measures.


Investors get an average return of 8.17%.

We Like

  • Safe platform
  • Innovative use of blockchain
  • Possible to use auto-invest
  • No investment fees

We Don’t Like

  • Limited diversification options
  • Not the most user-friendly platform

Summary: Debitum Network tries to integrate blockchain on its platform. This makes them one very innovative P2P lending companies. Through decentralization, they also offer high security on their platform. Debitum Network is definitely a challenger of the status quo on the P2P market, which investors should take a closer look at.

It’s completely free to use their platform

Last updated: October 20, 2020

Introduction to our Debitum Network review

Since Debitum Network is only from 2018, search engines are yet to be flooded with reviews and experiences from users. So due to encouragement from multiple parties, we decided to bring you one of the first in-depth Debitum Network reviews.

In this Debitum Network review, we will take a look at how the platform manages to separate itself from its competitors. Of course, we have also made our best assessment of the safety on the platform. Last but not least, we will give you insight into how we chose to invest, and what our opinion about the platform is.

Before you really dive into this Debitum Network review we will remind you that it only depicts our opinion on the platform. Therefore, nothing you read on this page should be considered as investment advice.

If there is something specific you want to know more, feel free to use the navigation below. Enjoy!

Learn about the following in our Debitum Network review:

What is Debitum Network?

Debitum Network is a P2B platform specializing in small business financing. On the platform, you will be able to find a large variety of asset-backed business loans.

The platform differs a lot from other platforms by aiming to become very decentralized. As of now the rating of the various loans is, for example, made independently of the Debitum Network. The same is true in a number of other areas.

Based in Latvia, Debitum Network was in 2018 funded via an ICO. Since then, the platform has just continued to grow.

Compared to a lot of other P2P lending sites, Debitum Network has a relatively small group of investors connected to their platform. At the time of writing, there are just over 5,600 registered investors at Debitum Network.

What rate of return can you expect?

The return you can get on Debitum Network depends on how you choose to invest your money. Currently, Debitum Network has an average return of 8.17%. Since this is the average return you can reasonably expect a similar return.

It is our experience that it is quite easy to achieve such a return by either picking investments manually or even from using their auto-invest function.

The return is a bit lower than what can be found on another business P2P platform like Flender.

Who can invest via Debitum Network?

To be able to invest via Debitum Networks platform, it is a requirement that you are at least 18 years old is. At the same time, it is a requirement that you have full and unrestricted legal capacity and that you are able to undertake monetary obligations. Of course, one must not be declared insolvent.

In addition, you have to undertake a KYC process and activate your account with two-factor authentication before being able to use your account properly.

Do you meet the above requirements? Then there is a good chance for you to become an investor at Debitum Network. Just follow this process:

  1. Create an account
  2. Complete the KYC process
  3. Add two-factor authentication
  4. Add funds to your account
  5. Start investing

In case you are unsure whether you can invest with Debitum Network or not, you can always contact their support via phone or e-mail. Please find the contact information at the bottom of this page.

Are you ready to go from reading this Debitum Network review to investing yourself? Then press the button below. By doing so, you will be taken to a page where it is quick to set up an account and start investing:

Is Debitum Network safe to use?

One of the key things we want to address in this Debitum Network review is the safety of the platform. So let’s get into what the platform has to offer:

Use of independent firms

First of all, it is relevant to mention that Debitum Network has a desire to be very decentralized. They achieve this by using independent service providers for risk assessment, insurance, debt collection and more.

The use of independent companies makes the credit scores more credible, as they are less likely to be biased.

Platform safety

Another place where safety measures have been made is on the Debitum Network P2P platform itself. Here it is very clear that safety is paramount.

For example, you will quickly find that you are automatically logged out when you are not active on the site. At the same time, there is a requirement that you have two-factor authentication enabled and live up to KYC requirements before you can use certain functions.

If you do not meet some of the specific requirements, you cannot, for example, withdraw funds from the platform.

Set up a Debitum Network auto-invest strategy

One of the great benefits of Debitum Network is the ability to set up auto-invest. This makes the investment experience very seamless.

Do you want to invest passively? Then use the navigation to select the item called “auto-invest”. Here you will be greeted with a screen where you can press “create new plan” in order to create a new Debitum Network auto-invest strategy:

Debitum Network auto-invest

How we decided to invest

With €500 on our account, we decided to put the platform to a test in order to learn about user-friendliness, transparency and more.

With help from auto-invest, we chose to invest in loans with a credit score from A+ to C. This gives a probability of default on the loans over the next 12 months of roughly 0.00%-2.42%.

As you set up an auto-invest strategy, please be aware that some of the loan credit scores lead to a very high probability of default. Before you invest we recommend that you read more about credit scoring on the platform.

Already after a few months, we had a good insight into the return on Debitum Network. The following is our investment results after just a few months of using the platform:

Debitum Network investments

Conclusion of our Debitum Network review

Our investment experience on Debitum Network has been very good.

Compared to other, maybe more speculative, business-oriented platforms such as Crowdestor, we also believe that Debitum Network is very well-balanced in regards to risk and reward.

If you want to find something negative about Debitum Network, then their platform is actually not among the most user-friendly in the industry. But on the flip side, they have one of the most security oriented platforms in their niche.

All in all, we have been delighted with what Debitum Network has had to offer, and we certainly found it to be a solid P2P platform. Investing your money on this innovative platform is probably not that bad an idea after all.

Would you like to invest on the platform after reading our Debitum Network review? Then press the button below to sign up and get started: