Looking for a Mintos invitation code?

The Mintos cashback bonus that previously was available for the general public got paused on March 25, 2020. It is now only possible to get a referral bonus if you actually know someone who is using the platform. Invitation codes shared with the general public won’t work anymore.

How does the Mintos referral program work?

The Mintos referral program allows investors on the platform to get a bonus for referring new investors.

Investors can earn these bonuses by inviting friends, colleagues, etc. to the platform.

The bonus you will get depends on how much your friend has invested via the platform after the first 30 days:

  • €500 invested: €10 bonus
  • €1,000 invested: €20 bonus
  • €2,500 invested: €30 bonus
  • €5,000 invested: €60 bonus
  • €10,000+ invested: 1% up to €1000

40 days after your friend has registered, the bonus will be added to your account. If you invite over 5 friends, you can join the exclusive Mintos Investor Club for extra perks.

Rules for the Mintos invitation code:

The following are some of the main rules for the Mintos invitation codes:

  • Referral codes must not be shared publicly on social media, forums, or coupon websites.
  • You can’t refer yourself, members of your household, or immediate family members.
  • The Mintos promo code must not be used for commercial activity, e.g. paid promotions or online advertising.
  • You can’t refer people you don’t know.
  • You can’t use automated systems to distribute your links, such as scripts, website extensions, dialers, or bots.

If you violate the rules above, you will not be eligible for the bonuses, and risk being excluded from the referral program.

Frequently asked questions:

To get the Mintos invitation code, you must know an investor on the platform that can share their promo code with you. Referral links from people who share them publicly on the internet are considered unfair use and are not allowed by Mintos. If you don’t know anyone on the platform, you can also sign up without a promo code.

You must use the Mintos bonus code before you sign up.

There is no downside whatsoever.