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Kuetzal review 2020

Go through our Kuetzal review, and see if the platform suits your needs.

Review of Kuetzal


We find the return compared to the safety good.

Beginner Friendly

The Kuetzal P2P platform is okay beginner friendly.

Investor Protection

Kuetzal has made some safety measures.


Investors get a return of around 6-21%.

We Like

  • 0 defaults
  • No investment fees
  • Possible to contact companies
  • Buyback guaranteed loans
  • Kuetzal Care

We Don’t Like

  • No auto-invest
  • No secondary market
  • 10% early exit fee

Summary: Kuetzal is a great new business crowdfunding platform that differentiates themselves a bit from their competitors. With Kuetzal care, you are sure that the loans are funded, and with their buyback guarantee, the loans are well protected. Furthermore, all incentives are perfectly aligned. In our experience, Kuetzal, offers a fantastic value proposition for P2P investors on their platform.

It’s completely free to use their platform

Last updated: January 2, 2020

Kuetzal review

Kuetzal is a newer P2P platform on the market. We have therefore decided that in this Kuetzal review, we will take a look at how safe it is for investors.

So you are currently considering investing through the platform, then we recommend that you read this Kuetzal review thoroughly. Besides giving our best assessment of the platform, you will also be able to find some tips and tricks along the way.

We cover a number of different topics in this review. So if you just want to find answers to something specific, please use the navigation below. You are, of course, also be welcome to read it all. But as you read our Kuetzal review, please be aware that it reflects our own opinion. Therefore, you should not consider the review as investment advice. With that said, let’s take a look at Kuetzal.

Learn about the following in our Kuetzal review:

What is Kuetzal?

Kuetzal is a crowdfunding platform from Tallinn, Estonia. The platform is oriented on business and features all sorts of projects in real estate, medical care, good production, transportation, technology and more. The loans offered on the platform typically have a term of 12-24 months.

The platform was publicly announced in the middle of November 2018. Since then, the platform has grown tremendously, and have received a lot of interest among especially European investors.

Kuetzal Care

Kuetzal differentiates itself from a lot of other Peer-to-Peer lending platforms with their Kuetzal Care. In essence, Kuetzal Care is a guarantee that a project will funded no matter what.

Basically, it works this way: If a project on the platform does not achieve the necessary funding from investors, then Kuetzal involves itself and its network to ensure that the funding is achieved. This funding comes from investment funds, banks, other private investors, etc.

Let’s take an example. If a project at Kuetzal has a target amount of EUR 100,000, but only reaches €80,000, then Kuetzal Care will show its usefulness. Because here, Kuetzal will ensure that the last €20,000 are acquired in order to get enough funding for the projects.

Due to Kuetzal Care, you do not have to worry about a project getting the necessary funding – because it eventually does. Neat, right?

What rate of return can you expect?

You might wonder what rate of return you should expect on the Kuetzal P2P platform. But as with other business crowdfunding the real answer is that it depends.

At Kuetzal there are a lot of different projects that you can choose from according to your desired risk/reward level. Therefore, your annual interest rate will vary depending on which projects you choose.

Furthermore, there may also be periods when there are lower interest rates than others. It may also cause interest rates to vary.

But with that said, the interest rate of the projects typically ranges from 10-21%.

Who can invest via Kuetzal?

The vast majority of people can be allowed to invest via Kuetzal. The platform has no geographical or nationality restrictions. However, there are a few blacklisted countries from which it is not possible to invest. In addition, you must also be an adult person over the age of 18.

Open an account

Creating a user at Kuetzal is really easy. In just a few minutes your account is created and you are good to go. From here you simply transfer money to your investment account. Once you have done so, you can start choosing some loans to invest in.

Step-by-step process:

  1. Create an account
  2. Add funds to your account
  3. Select loans and invest

As you can read, there are only a few requirements for being able to invest with Kuetzal. Moreover, it is really simple to get started. And when your account is good to go and you have invested your funds, you can keep track of your investments and your return on their website.

Would you like to become a Kuetzal investor? Then press the button below and sign up. It is the easiest way, to go from reading this Kuetzal review, to actually investing yourself:

Is Kuetzal safe to use?

When you invest in loans through Kuetzal, a number of different risks follow. In this part of our Kuetzal review, we, therefore, take a look at what the risks are, and what has been done to reduce them.

Thorough due diligence

Before adding any loans to their platform, Kuetzal carries out solid due diligence of the projects. Of the platforms examined, only premium projects are hosted on their platform.

In addition to their due diligence, Kuetzal often requires a personal guarantee from the project owners.

Buyback guarantee

Kuetzal offers a buyback guarantee on many of their loans. Basically, a buyback guarantee helps to secure you as an investor, in case of a project default, non-payment of interest, etc.

In the event of a project default, you will be repaid your loan within 2 months after a default status is confirmed by Kuetzal. During these months, the Kuetzal will handle collateral and other guarantee exchange. However, this is just a measure Kuetzal has made, as they expect to be able to stay on 0 defaults.

Conclusion of our Kuetzal review

We believe that Kuetzal has done its best to secure you as an investor. Their buyback guarantee helps to guard against the worst case scenario. However, there have not yet been defaults on their platform, and therefore you do not know how well it works in practice. But the company promises to have their money in a maximum of 2 months in case of a default, which seems reasonable.

Kuetzal is an interesting take on a crowdfunding platform that is slightly different from the others. Among other things, we think that Kuetzal Care is a brilliant way to align investors, project owners, and Kuetzal’s interests. In addition, we also like that you can actually be allowed to contact the companies before deciding to invest. Especially for people with large capital, it can be a great advantage.

Do you want to sign up for their platform after reading our Kuetzal review? Then simply click on the button below. This will take you directly to the Kuetzal website, where you can sign up and start investing in their featured projects: