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Here’s your EvoEstate promo code!

Press the button below to get a 0.5%
cashback bonus for the first 6 months 
you invest at!

* The bonus is activated as soon as you press the button.

How does the EvoEstate referral program work?

EvoEstate has made a referral program that allows new investors to get a head start on their platform.

If you activate the EvoEstate referral code before you sign up on, the platform will give you a cashback of 0.5% on any investments you make in the first 6 months on the platform.

Let’s say that you invest €10,000 on the platform over the 6 month period. Here you would get €50 for free by just using the promo code. And with the effect of compound interest, those €50 could easily turn into even more money down the road.

The EvoEstate promo code is basically a unique link generated by the platform. We have implemented our promo code into the button that you can find at the top of this page. So if you just click the button before you invest on the platform, you should get the cashback bonus.

Should I use the EveEstate promo code?

The only reason why you shouldn’t use the EvoEstate promo code is if you are in doubt about whether to use the platform or not.

So if you are unsure, it is probably a good idea to learn more about the platform itself before making the decision about signing up or not. In short EvoEstate is a real estate aggregator where you by creating a single account on their platform get access to real estate deals from multiple real estate platforms. But if you want to learn more about the platform, we recommend that you read our EvoEstate review. After learning more about the platform, you can always come back to use the EvoEstate promo code link at the top of the page when signing up – if you decide to use the platform of course.

Frequently asked questions:

In the following, we go through some of the most common questions about the EvoEstate bonus:

Where can I find the EvoEstate promo code?

You don’t actually need an EvoEstate promo code to get the 0.5% bonus when you sign up and invest on EvoEstate. To be eligible for the cashback bonus, all you need to do is click this link.

What is required to get the 0.5% EvoEstate cashback bonus?

You must use the EvoEstate referral code BEFORE you sign up. The code can be activated by clicking “claim your bonus” on our site.

Is there any downside using the promo code?

There is no downside whatsoever.